Managing Asthma

managing asthmaFor those suffering from asthma it’s important to know the basic ways in which they can manage it. Things like diet and exercise play an important role in the management of asthma. It can control symptoms and help people manage stress and anxiety levels in case they suffer from an attack.

Eat Healthy To Stay Fit

Though there might be no specific diet for asthma patients, it’s important for all individuals to follow a healthy diet. What is important to know is that certain foods might trigger an asthma attack. This can happen with foods one is allergic to. Allergies can increase chances of an asthma attack.

According to certain researchers people who eat healthy and incorporate fruits and vegetables in their diet are healthier. Similarly those who eat lean protein and foods rich in zinc and iron might have a lower incidence of asthma. Though no direct connection has been established yet and the relationship between proper diet and asthma is still hazy, it’s important to eat well.

According to a study conducted in 2007 it was noted that children who followed the Mediterranean diet, one which is rich in fruits, vegetables and nuts were less likely to suffer from any sort of asthma symptoms.

Eating foods which are rich in omega 3 fats, for example salmon, tuna and sardines can help too. Though the direct correlation between asthma and these specific foods is not clear yet, the fact that they are beneficial for health cannot be ignored. Similarly eating less trans-fat can help people combat obesity. Greater obesity means greater incidences of asthma attacks.

Can I Exercise If I am Asthmatic?

If you think that being an asthmatic means being unable to exercise you have got to think again! If you manage your asthma by taking medications on time, eating well and avoiding possible triggers chances are you can likely exercise and stay fit.

However those with asthma can perform exercises and sports like

  • Gymnastics
  • Base ball
  • Volleyball
  • Swimming

The reason for this is that these sports involve only shorter periods of exertion unlike sports like long distance running, soccer or playing hockey. However it is important that you have a detailed talk with your doctor before you start any exercise program. Most doctors will suggest medicines which must be taken pre exercise to reduce incidences of asthma attacks. Those who have asthma due to allergies would benefit from indoor exercises. Exercising may not be too much of a problem but it’s better to take all sort of precautionary measures before enrolling in any sort of sports program.

Managing Stress

People suffering from asthma are more prone to stress attacks. Extreme stress can make it difficult to manage asthma. Having a detailed talk with your doctor regarding asthma and anxiety can help put your mind at ease. Make sure to avoid triggers and turn to a support group in case you have difficulty managing symptoms on your own. Friends and family can prove to be a great help. This can help reduce some of the anxiety which accompanies asthma attacks.

Living with asthma may be challenging, however all these challenges can be overcome by following a proper diet, fitness and most important learning to manage stress levels.

Management of fatigue during menstruation

Stomach PainFor every woman, monthly menstruation cycles are unpleasant or dislike part for her life. She refers as most unconvinced part of the month from puberty, especially when she is suffering from some of the complications associated with menstruation. These are chronic pain and cramps in lower pelvic and abdomen region, fatigue, tiredness, mood changes, aggressive nature, acne, hair loss, headache, constipation or diarrhea, sleeping difficulties, breast tenderness, craving for some food, weight gain, anemia, back pain and leg pain. Here we are talking about fatigue associated with menstruation. Following are some methods to overcome this fatigue during menstruation.

  • Intake of several meals

Women may take several small meals several times in a day instead of large 3 meals which will give constant energy to the body for all biological activities. If women can not take several vitamins and minerals for getting energy, she will feel exhausted and weakness the whole day. Some times she can not sit for prolonged period of time during heavy menstruation (menorrhagia). Person can include fish, meat, dairy products such as cheese and butter to meal. It gives boost of energy and keeps herself constant whole the day.

  • Drink lots of water

A women should drink plenty of water during whole day to keep themselves hydrated. Sometimes during heavy menstruation, there may be loss of fluids causing weakness. Water with little amount of sugar can give boost of energy and prevent dehydration.

  • Take iron supplements

Iron is responsible for getting oxygen from atmospheric air into blood stream. Deficiency of iron may cause production of less red blood cells and may cause anemia. During heavy bleeding during menstruation, iron and red blood cells are lost and produce symptomatic anemia. Oxygen is necessary element to produce adenosine triphosphate which is the most important chemical substance for providing energy. It is formed in mitochondria which is commonly known as power house of our body. For menstruation, daily recommendation for iron is 15 to 27 mg per day depending upon her age. Women can also search for the best bcaa supplement (first you need to know what are bcaa supplements) to add to their health and fitness routine.

  • Exercise

Exercise helps a lot to reduce fatigue during menstruation. It will increase the cardiovascular efficiency, oxygenation and reduce muscle cramps. When it increases the oxygenation, it will increase the muscle endurance and strength leading to reduction in early fatigue. Exercises include walking, dancing, cycling, jogging and biking.

  • Rest and sleep

Too much less rest and sleep may cause the feeling of tiredness. In this modern era, women’s life becomes more active and fast. It increases the demands for more energy to keep her moving and moving. If she does not take proper sleep and rest, she feels exhausted during menstruation specially. Poor sleep may also aggravate day time fatigue. Researches proved that a 10 minute small nap may help to boost a large amount of energy.

  • Diet Modification

several vitamins such as vitamin B6, B12 etc.., minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium are essential elements to get rid of early fatigue. Moderate intake of sugar and carbohydrates are providing constant boost of energy.

  • Massage and body spa

Massage on body and face provide muscle relaxation and soothing effect. It also provides time for new energy production in the body. Massage is done with different varieties of essential oils such as rosemary, lavender, tea tree oil etc… massage with these oil also known as aromatherapy.

Menstruation Cycle

menstrual cycleMenstruation cycle is the vaginal bleeding that takes time every 28 to 32 days with major females, the all matter starts in a cycle repeated nearly every month when one ovary gives an ovum, nourishing it waiting for a possible pregnancy to happen, when fertilization fails; the released ovum starts to shrink and fade gradually, along with the inner layer of the uterus called the endometrium, that starts to detach and discharge from the vagina, seen as blood to start the period, the menstruation cycle happens through multiple stages that are all controlled with two important hormones; estrogen and progesterone.

Period signs

Every female knows well the symptoms of menstruation cycle, however; the symptoms can differ from a woman to another and even in the same woman, the major signs that could be seen are like:

  1. Fluid accumulation and gathering that can be felt in certain body spots as the abdomen, face, or breasts, this mainly happen from the increase in the estrogen concentrations trying to prepare the uterine for receiving a fertilized ovum, this fluid retention can lead to gases, pain and tenderness at the affected sites.
  2. Strong contractions for progesterone production as a result of pregnancy failure, aiding to expel the ovum with the uterine lining.
  3. General weakness, changes in mood, headache, excessive anxiety, sleeping difficulties, appetite loss, bowel changes as diarrhea or constipation, pain at the back and the leg that can affect daily activities greatly.

Controlling period pain

  1. Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) as Advil (Ibuprofen) that can help in easing much of the pain felt, along with other signs as headaches or muscle aches, it can be taken as pills after meals, effervescent sachets or injections for a faster effect.
  2. Diuretics can be helpful in getting rid of the excessive fluids accumulated in the body, drugs as Spironolactone could be the choice in this case, though; ask your doctor first before taking any diuretic, it could harm you especially if you have any cardiac issues as hypertension or renal disorders.
  3. Some vitamins may help in regulating menstruation cycle symptoms, as Calcium and Magnesium as they work together to suppress further muscle contractions and soreness.

Easy home remedies

  1. Resting is the first step to think of, avoiding strong activities and relaxing as much as possible is a good way to start.
  2. Drink calming warm drinks as peppermint, you can add the green leaves to your tea or drinking it alone, it works as carminative to expel gases, decreasing contractions, in addition to calming your stomach.
  3. Stay away from excessive salt and sugar sources in your food as they attract more fluid and water to gather in your body.
  4. Stay away from harmful fatty sources like dairy products, butter or fast food, fats can irritate your muscles and worsen your pain, you can use skimmed dairy products and olive oil instead.
  5. Caffeine found in tea and coffee in addition to chocolate can trigger much of your symptoms to happen, plus disturbing your mood and increasing the anxiety feeling.
  6. Taking warm showers, baths or using warm pads can ease your pain to a great extent, making the pain and cramps to go away, in addition to refreshing yourself.